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Traditional Chandeliers

Stylish Elegance with Traditional Chandeliers

Unique shapes and designs of chandeliers add sophistication and charm to a room. Adventurous designers experiment with installing them in unconventional places such as the bathroom or hanging over beds. However, Traditional Chandeliers still find an effective application as the central feature over a dining room table or in a high-ceilinged foyer. Enjoying a new light fixture starts with exploring the myriad designs and styles available to find one that is just right.

First, define the function of the chandelier. If it is providing the main illumination in a dining room or is serving double duty in the breakfast area where the kids do their homework, choose a fixture with significant light output. There is a wide range of light levels, with some designs incorporating over 25 lights.

Then, focus on the style. Sculpted crystals will sparkle, while tubes, lenses and droplets will seem to glow from the inside. Traditional Chandeliers offer styles with many tiers and branches, or designs with dramatic cascades and spirals. The elegance of this lighting as a focal point will transform any room.