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Crystal Island Lighting

The Glamour of Crystal Lighting

Crystal style island lighting adds a touch of excitement, color and glamour to an otherwise predominantly functional kitchen space. Clean and clear, crystals are a pleasure to behold - and can be a part of pendant, mini pendant, or island lighting styles. While pendants and mini-pendant styles of varying heights serve to illuminate just a specific area of the countertop or island, crystal style island lighting simply swathes the entire island in a brilliant splash of light - colored crystals enhancing the appearance of the kitchen.

Crystal Style Island Lighting can really brighten up kitchens because of the unique ability of the crystals to capture and refract light in interesting patterns. The visual effect will vary based on the type of crystal, its shape and structure or cut. Light fixtures typically sport a minimalist design and metallic finish to match the sleekness of crystals. Prices are affordable and a choice innumerable; branded crystal style island lighting is also available.