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Emerson Fans

Emerson Fans

As a company, Emerson Fans has been manufacturing the highest quality ceiling fans, motors and fan accessories for more than a century. Throughout this time, they have perfected the craft of creating and designing the ceiling fan. In addition to adding stylish flair to a room, ceiling fans have become among the most popular home accessories not only for their practicality and function but also for their style and decorative flair.

In the span of one year, you can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill by incorporating ceiling fans into your home as your heating and cooling solution. During summer months, you can reduce the temperature of a room significantly with the breezy, cool air effect created by ceiling fan. Surprisingly, ceiling fans can help keep a room warm as well in the winter months, pushing the heat that rises in your home to the center of your space; reversing the direction of the fan will circulate the warm air that rises to the ceiling – this will ensure that you are not losing heat and wasting energy.

Emerson prides themselves on the high quality and practicality of their fans; they also lead the market in creating highly fashionable products that will certainly inspire your decorative style. They have designed fans that span traditional and contemporary styles along with products inspired by tropical, oriental, and theatrical themes.