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Floor Lamps

Add a Floor lamp for Light and Style

Using Floor Lamps can be a striking and effective way to decorate any room, adding warmth or drama where overhead lighting is too stark and space will not allow a desk lamp. Floor lamps can project light in almost any direction, depending on the need. A shaded floor lamp will direct the light downward onto a chair for reading. A torchiere floor lamp will do the opposite, sending the beam upward for effect. Some will do both, while other floor lamps come with a number of heads that can be moved and pointed in the direction where light is most needed at the time.

Some rooms just lend themselves to the use of Floor Lamps. They may have an alcove or an awkward corner hidden behind a chair. The variety of floor lamps we offer will make them a welcome addition to any room, whether they are turned on or just standing there, looking stylish.