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Foyer Lights

Finding the Perfect Foyer Light

Lighting for your foyer is one of the most important areas to illuminate in your home, as it is typically the first place people and guests walk into and see the wonderful style of lighting you’ve added to your home. It is the light that can define your style – with that in mind, designers from leading manufacturers have let their creativity fly by crafting beautiful lights, from traditional to whimsical and contemporary styles.

A variety of different types of lighting complement the often grandiose spaciousness of foyers. Whether you hang a multi-tiered chandelier or a flush mount fixture, keep in mind that the bottom of the fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor. Consider adding wall sconces to extra large foyers. As a rule of thumb, wall sconces should be 6 feet to 8 feet apart and hang 60 inches from the floor to the installation point.

Another key to Foyer Lighting is sizing it correctly. As a rule of thumb – Fixtures should generally hang 7ft from the floor. The width of a Foyer Fixture is another important consideration to take. Determine the total area of the room in feet. Convert to inches and that should be the approximate diameter of the fixture.