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Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting, established in 1922, has certainly placed itself among the top lighting manufacturers in the industry. As a family owned company, Hinkley understands the importance of the look and feel of a home. Throughout their existence, they have provided highly fashionable and impeccably crafted lights that span styles from traditional to contemporary. With Hinkley, selecting the right fixtures for your home is easier than ever before.

Within each collection lays a complete lighting solution for your home – dazzle your entryway with the elegance of their wide variety of pendants that come in an amazing array of styles. Now more than ever Hinkley chandeliers are becoming a part of several rooms throughout the house. It is their goal to fill your home with well layered and fashionable illumination and the right combination of Hinkley fixtures will enhance the beauty of every room in your home.