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Holtkotter International

Holtkotter International

Holtkotter International has been designing and manufacturing light fixtures in Germany since 1964. They are one of the only lighting companies left that still design and manufacture their own fixtures from the raw metal to the finished product. Holtkotter is committed to providing both function and beauty in all of their lighting designs. With superior workmanship and innovative manufacturing methods, Holtkotter offers high quality light fixtures of all styles, from traditional to contemporary. Their product lines include bath lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers, lamps and much more.

Holtkotter Lighting has consistently designed and manufactured exceptional light fixtures since 1964, and the company remains dedicated to providing beautiful and functional lighting options for a variety of interior spaces. Superior craft work and exceptional manufacturing methods are always part of the Holtkoetter Lighting production process, and this lighting company is one of few that still make a practice of designing and manufacturing their own light fixtures from start to finish. Holtkotter products are replete with traditional or contemporary style, and discerning customers can find choices to add beautiful lighting wherever it is desired.

The best room lighting depends upon many things, and the Holtkotter collection has ideal options whether the appropriate location is a ceiling, table, or floor. Thoughtful design, careful manufacturing, and innovative use of glass and finish elements are part of every light product. Choosing the Holtkotter brand means choosing quality, beauty, and truly functional lighting.