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Large Glass Bowl Pendants

Large Glass Bowl Pendants Make a Powerful Statement

Contemporary designers and homeowners are turning to pendant lighting for illuminating almost any style of room, and Large Glass Bowl Pendants are especially popular in more spacious surroundings. Pendant lighting is any light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling by a rod or chain. It's available in many styles, and serves to bring light down to places where it's really needed.

Bowl pendant lighting tends to be softer than other pendant styles, as the light is diffused through the glass bowl. As the bowl is open at the top, the fixture gives off up lighting as well as down lighting. A bowl pendant is often placed as the focal point of the room, and can be used instead of a chandelier in entryways, dining and kitchen areas.

Bowl pendant lighting often has a soothing, comforting effect, as it is soft and without glare. Large glass bowl pendants look perfect in spacious rooms with high ceilings, where they won't overpower the space. Hang them higher than eye level and they will make a powerful statement in almost any setting.