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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting is among the most practical lighting solutions you can add to your home. First and foremost, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. This alone enables home owners to use their exterior lights throughout the night and increase the security of their family and property without dramatically increasing the monthly energy bill. Additionally, LED lighting will typically last over 50,000 hours which will significantly reduce bulb replacement in hard-to-reach exterior fixtures.

Another great benefit of Exterior LED Lighting is the reduction in insects. In recent years, studies have proven that LED light sources attract significantly fewer insects than traditional light sources. This is the case for decorative, flood and security LED Exterior Lighting. The reason for this, in addition to the reduced heat output, is due to the minimal ultraviolet light produced in the LED light spectrum. Below is a list of the more popular exterior LED fixture types and locations:

  • LED Landscape Lighting: LED Path Lights, LED In-Ground Well Lights
  • LED Flood Lighting: Flood Lights and Security Lights
  • LED Decorative Fixtures: Designer lighting manufacturers are now making fixtures with high-performance LED light engines; these bulbs will never need to be replaced