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LED Tape Lighting

Add Depth with LED Strip Lighting

Add soft illumination and depth to your cabinets or architectural focal points with LED Tape Lighting; this versatile lighting system is inexpensive to operate, using very little energy compared with incandescent bulbs, and lasts a lot longer.

LED tape lighting is easy to install and is very versatile. In addition to providing under counter lighting, it can also be used to light sign letters as well as used in perimeter and concealed lighting applications. LED tape lighting can be cut to fit any situation or to match any mood.

Kichler Lighting offers LED tape lighting strips in 16 and 20 foot lengths. The company also has available caps for the cut ends of the tape, splicer’s that will connect two tape ends together, and an interconnect cable for tight turns.

Other equipment that is available to enhance the experience of LED Tape Lighting is an in-line dimmer to lower the glow and increase the intimacy and a two-foot power supply lead to connect the tape to an outlet.