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Outdoor Wall Sconces

Vaxcel T0098 Lambda Bronze LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Sconce
Code: vaxcel-lambda-t0098-outdoor-wall-sconce
Price: $194.00
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Vaxcel WS-OWU070AW Windsor Aged Walnut Outdoor Wall Sconce
Code: vaxcel-windsor-ws-owu070aw-outdoor-wall-sconce
Price: $15.73
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Vaxcel WS-OWU110AW Windsor Aged Walnut Outdoor Wall Sconce
Code: vaxcel-windsor-ws-owu110aw-outdoor-wall-sconce
Price: $35.98
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Outdoor Wall Sconces

Outdoor Wall Sconces are one of the most common and noticeable types of Outdoor Lighting. It is commonly installed in several specific areas around a property. Wall sconces for your outdoor porch or patio are generally decorative while serving an essential safety function. They are crafted using a wide variety of styles and materials which all serve various functions. Below are some things to consider when selecting the right fixture for your specific outdoor installation:

Glass Types:

  • Seeded Glass: Seeded glass is typically clear with the appearance of small air bubbles; the unique texture of the glass requires infrequent cleaning which makes it great for exterior use.
  • Umber Glass: Umber Glass diffuses light with a yellowish tint and it creates a warm and inviting ambiance around a home. Additionally, the color requires less frequent cleaning.
  • Bulb Types:

  • LEDs: There are many great benefits to LED Outdoor Fixtures – they consume significantly less energy, produce very little heat and have been known to attract fewer bugs. It is especially beneficial in locations that will be on throughout the night.
  • Fluorescent: Another energy efficient exterior lighting option, Fluorescent Lighting, consumes less energy than traditional light sources.
  • Filament Bulbs or Edison Style: Recently this bulb type has been gaining significant popularity within the lighting design world. It is very decorative in appearance while also providing a warm and comforting illumination.
  • Dark Sky Lights: Dark Sky lights significantly reduce light pollution by only illuminating light in a downward direction. Some counties and neighborhoods require the use of Dark Sky Fixtures and they come in a variety of styles and designs.