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Semi-Flush Mounts

Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

Some rooms simply are not meant to have hanging light fixtures. Be it because of ceiling height or the size of the room, it is often useful to have lighting fixtures available that are nearly flush to the ceiling. These close to ceiling lighting arrangements can still be used as part of a room's decorating scheme without requiring a sacrifice of space or comfort. Semi-Flush Mounts work as a perfect compromise between hanging fixtures and flush or recessed lighting in a home.

Semi-flush mount lighting is perfect for use in rooms with low ceilings or in which lighting can get in the way of the d├ęcor. Semi-flush solutions also increase the perceived space in a small room, helping many homeowners avoid the claustrophobic atmosphere that can develop when a hanging fixture is used. Available in several materials and styles, this lighting style can add an elegant touch to a room without overwhelming it surroundings.