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Tiffany Style Foyer Lighting

Tiffany Style Foyer Lighting

Foyer lighting is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the home. The foyer is usually the first glimpse guests get of your home – no matter its shape or size; this crucial area should be well-lit and well-designed. This can make the light fixtures in this area even more difficult to choose.

From lamps to flushed lighting fixtures, Tiffany style lighting has been a popular choice in lighting and interior design since its introduction in 1895 as part of the Art Nouveau movement. Tiffany Style Foyer Lighting is the perfect lighting solution in for many different styles of homes. Its colored glass is an inviting touch in the foyer.

In general, Tiffany style lighting fixtures offer many different options such as flowers, irregular borders geometric, globes and cones. This makes them visually stimulating in a variety of rooms and color schemes. Tiffany style foyer lighting is available in a vast array of design choices, styles, colors, sizes and price points. Find your perfect piece here and welcome your guests in style.