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Under Cabinet Puck Lights

Under Cabinet Puck Lights

Under cabinet puck lights are round lighting fixtures that were given their name because of their similarities in size and shape to the hockey puck. They can be used in garages, workshops, basements, bathrooms and are most commonly used in home kitchen lighting solutions.

Under Cabinet Puck Lights offer many benefits in the home kitchen; they provide a focused light in workspaces for food preparation or cleaning. They also provide the perfect lighting for countertops and backsplashes. Under cabinet puck lights can even be positioned to aim directly at the backsplash or in a downward position. LED, halogen or xenon bulbs can be used with under cabinet puck lights. They can also be recessed into cabinets for a different look to this innovative and energy-efficient lighting solution.

Safety is also another benefit of under cabinet puck lights, as the bulbs used are low-voltage. These lights are perfect for the DIY project-lover.