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Wall Art & Decor

Transform Your Rooms with Wall Art & Décor

If you think your home has too much wasted space, try filling up wall space with our selection of Wall Art & Décor. Wall art and wall decorations are generally cheaper than furniture and other fixtures, making them easier to work with to improve a room without breaking the bank.

Wall art comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles and themes. From simple signs with phrases written on them to large paintings, wall art & decor can really make a room stand out and give it a sense of style. The pictures and fixtures can match or contrast with the color of the walls or the furniture to create a more balanced look. Among other ideas, you can set a theme depending on the season and switch out your wall decorations to correspond with it.

Let a single piece of oversize art be the star. Whether it's a colorful abstract painting or black and white photograph, by creating a dramatic focal point you simplify the decorating process and set the tone for the entire space - resulting in a room that is modern, elegant and artistic. The variety of styles, sizes, and prices available at Littman Bros. makes wall decorations an ideal way to beautifully transform your home.